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FinPath University is an online financial education program that teaches you how to save for emergencies, pay off debt fast, spend wisely, and prepare for tomorrow. No financial lingo here - we promise!
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Foundational Courses

FinPath University | FinPath

Your Credit Score Might Be Costing You

Discover the ins and outs of your credit report and score.

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FinPath University | FinPath

Understanding the Elements of Your Retirement Income

Understand the elements of your retirement with the help of FinPath.

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FinPath University | FinPath

Simple Ways to Build Your Emergency Savings

Learn how to build and maintain emergency savings for those unexpected expenses.

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FinPath University | FinPath

Estate Planning 101: Learn the Basics

Get your affairs in order and learn the importance of estate planning.

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FinPath University | FinPath

5 Steps for Tackling Your Student Loans

Tackle student loan debt when you discover student loan forgiveness and repayment options!

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FinPath University | FinPath

Auto Finance: Things to Know Before Buying Your Next Car

Discover the financial tips and tricks the next time you purchase a car!

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Common Homeowner Mistakes and the Impact on Daily Finances

Own a home or plan to own one in the future? Join us as we cover how to care for your investment for years to come! Discover the financial ins and outs of the home-buying process: budgeting for a down payment, understanding mortgage rates, and how to manage ongoing expenses like property taxes and homeowners insurance.

What to Know About Your Workplace Retirement Plan

Wherever your are in your journey, we’ll cover tips to help you achieve the retirement lifestyle you want. We’ll explore the importance of setting retirement goals, estimating future expenses, and help you get comfortable with your employer-sponsored retirement plan so you can make the right decisions for life after your working years.

How to Balance Finances While Caring for Elderly Parents

It’s no secret being a caregiver is a big responsibility. We’ll share essential financial steps everyone should take when caring for those they love. You’ll gain insights into budgeting for caregiving expenses, understanding the financial implications of medical care, and managing the costs associated with caregiving responsibilities.

The Anatomy of Emergency Saving Plans

How much should you save for emergencies? One month of salary? Six months? More? Well, it all depends on your unique situation. Join us as we cover the the basics of planning for unexpected emergencies and key budgeting strategies to set you up for success the day a financial shock comes your way.

Learn How Insurance Can Protect You and Your Family

Life happens and you need coverage to protect you at all stages of life. This lesson will explore the different types of insurance policies available, such as life, health, auto, home, property insurance, and others. By the end of the course, you’ll understand specific coverage each offers and make cost-effective choices that fit you best.

How Much To Save For Retirement and How to Invest

Get answers to the two most common retirement plan questions answered for you during Retirement Security Awareness Month. We’ll provide you tools and guidance on how to calculate your own retirement savings goal and go over general guidelines to help make sure you’re investing wisely for a successful retirement.

What to Know Before You Elect Medicare Coverage

November is Medicare Open Enrollment Season! Join us for key information to help you or someone you love prepare for open enrollment. With a focus on personalized healthcare planning, you’ll learn how to assess your medical needs, choose the most suitable Medicare options, and navigate the open enrollment period effectively.

Year-End Checklist As You Wrap up a Great 2024

Close the year strong by checking off each item on on the FinPath End-of-Year Financial Checklist and prepare for 2025! We’ll help you reflect on your 2024 progress and set you on the right path for the new year. Your goals are unique and we want to help set you up for success as you begin another great year.

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