How to Activate Your FinPath Account

How to Register Your FinPath Account

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How to Activate Your FinPath Account

Lisa T.

My coach taught me money management. She specifically advised me to borrow money from my retirement account to pay off my credit card debt. My credit card balance reached 0.00 [but now] I have set a plan to live under my means.

How to Activate Your FinPath Account

Marilyn M.

I now feel more financially secure. I don’t feel stressed. I feel like I’m on the path to financial independence…I just checked my credit score [and] since I’ve been working with my coach, watching the seminars and using the financial health tools, my credit score went up 56 points.” 

How to Activate Your FinPath Account

Pamela D.

Aaron always immediately grasps the direction I am headed…our session are very dynamic and productive.

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