Meet Antonieta Amendolara

Antonieta Amendolara, CPFC

Financial Coach Coordinator

512-600-5263 | Email: aamendolara@finpathwellness.com


Antonieta Amendolara is the Financial Wellness Coach Coordinator for FinPath. With FinPath, Antonieta is responsible for overseeing the financial wellness coaching program, supporting the FinPath Coaches, and developing strategies for coaching success. She received her certification in Life Coach from the American Academy of Coaching & Training, as well as the certification as Financial Coach from the University of Houston-Downtown.

Areas of Focus

  • Tackling your debt
  • Understanding your credit
  • Creating a budget that sticks
  • Facing your student loans
  • Creating a plan for saving
  • Working toward a debt-free life

How It Works

  1. Schedule a meeting at your convenience
  2. Meet via desktop or mobile device
  3. Speak one-on-one in a confidential session


Meet Antonieta Amendolara

10 Questions with Antonieta

Get to know Antonieta a little better by reading her answers to a few questions we asked her:

Do you have a secret to financial success?
The secret to success is having a good mindset, clear goals, action steps to follow, and consistency.
What's been your favorite part of financial coaching with FinPath?
My team. With them, I can continue my life mission, which is to be a source of transformation in people’s lives.
What's your mantra when it comes to finances? Is there a quote you live by and why?
“Never spend your money before you have earned it.” – Thomas Jefferson

Simply put, life within your means. Unfortunately, most people who have serious financial problems and debts they cannot pay have lived beyond their means.

Do you think money can buy happiness?
Money itself does not buy happiness; this is something that we as human beings need to find within ourselves. However, money is a tool that when used consciously and wisely, will give us happy moments, such as buying a house, going on vacation with family, and even peace of mind with other matters.
Are you more of a saver or spender?
I consider myself a person who has saving habits, but I love spending money with my family. For example, going out to eat or going on vacation together.
If you could replace the image of the presidents on U.S. currency, what would you replace it with?
I would replace it with the portraits of Native American Indians.
What adjectives best describe you when it comes to finances?
Responsible, abundant, diligent, proactive, adaptable
Besides financial coaching, what are your other passions?
Dancing, painting, and traveling
What store or restaurant do you think you've spent the most money at?
I have a wide palate, so any restaurant with good food works for me! Like a good sushi restaurant. For stores, I love Barnes and Noble, Macy’s, JC Penney, and Bath & Body Works!
What's your go-to impulse purchase?
Books, candles, body lotion, and soaps!

Antonieta in the Community

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