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How do I register?
You can register for your free account at www.finpathwellness.com. Click Register and enter your designated work email to initiate the process.


Is there someone I can call to learn more about the program and where to start?
Absolutely! We can work together to help you boost your financial confidence, create budgets, pay off credit card debt, and achieve your savings goals! Schedule a meeting with a financial coach by logging in to your FinPath account. Head to the Coaching Corner to make a virtual appointment.


What if I don’t get a registration email?
If you don’t receive a registration email in your inbox, you can contact our customer service team at 833-777-6545. We will confirm your eligibility and resend the email for you.

Where can I reach the portal?
You can reach the FinPath portal by logging in to your FinPath account. Once you log in, it’ll take you directly to the portal.


How do I login?
Head to www.finpathwellness.com and click the LOGIN button at the upper right corner.


How do I reset my password?
If you forgot your password, head to the FinPath login page and click the Forgot Password link. Enter the email address you used to register with FinPath and click Send Resent Link. Click our email titled FinPath Password Reset Request, click the Reset Password button, and create your new password. And you’re done! Don’t forget to save your password to a protected place where you can remember.

Please note: If you don’t see an email in your inbox sent from us, it may be that the email address you entered is not the one we have on file. The one on file should be your work email address.


How do I setup the MFA to access my account?
For security purposes, you will need to set up Multi-Factor Authentication. Here’s how you can:

1.) First, enter your mobile phone number. We will send a code for you to input. Enter the code on the screen when you receive it. 

2.) Head to the app store and download an Authenticator app. Any app will work. You will need an Authenticator app to complete the process. 

3.) Return to the MFA setup screen. You’ll be met with a QR code you’ll need to scan to setup your account. This can be done in two ways: 

  • Desktop or laptop: If you are activating your FinPath account from your desktop or laptop, use your Authenticator app to scan the QR code. You will know it’s successful if you see authenticator numbers change every 30 seconds.
  • Mobile device: If you are activating your account from your mobile device, you will need to set up the Authenticator manually via a code. Click the arrow down in the “manual confirmation” section and copy the code. Open your Authenticator app and add a new account through manual setup. Paste the code and look for authenticator numbers changing every 30 seconds. 

4.) Once you scan the QR code via the Authenticator app, enter two back-to-back codes to confirm your Authenticator app has been successfully set up. 

5.) You’re done! You have now successfully setup your MFA.


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How much does FinPath cost?
FinPath is an employer-paid program provided at no cost to you. All you need to do to access FinPath are your login credentials.


What tools does FinPath offer?
FinPath offers a variety of tools: Salary Finance, Savi, Retirement, iLOCK360, and more. Each tool is designed to aid in your financial wellness success.


Do you offer any Spanish support?
Visit www.finpathwellness.com/espanol for resources in Spanish.


Where can I find the Financial Health Score tracker?
You can find the Financial Wellness tracker in the Financial Health Tools in the FinPath portal.


When can I join a Live Workshop and what if I miss it?
We host a new financial workshop each month—normally on the second Tuesday (subject to change). You can register for the next event inside your FinPath portal. Each month, individuals who join us LIVE are entered into a drawing for an Amazon Gift Card. If you missed the live session, don’t worry! All courses are loaded to FinPath University within a week and are accessible anytime on demand.


Where do I go to view courses?
To view courses, visit finpathwellness.com/secure-login, login to your FinPath account account and select FinPath University. You can also view these courses at https://finpathwellness.com/finpath-university/


Are all the courses available?
Yes! All courses are available to watch anytime, anywhere.
Who are the FinPath Coaches?
The FinPath Coaches are Aaron Hennig, Janett Tapia, and Darryl Smith. They are led by Financial Coach Coordinator Antonieta Amendolara. You can find their information at www.finpathwellness.com/coaching
How do I meet with a Coach?
You can meet with a coach by going to the Coaching Corner in the FinPath portal. This is where you will schedule a virtual appointment. 


When can I meet with a Coach?
You can meet with a coach throughout the week during work hours, as well as after hours and on the weekends. Meetings after hours are available upon request.

Can I request a gender-specific coach?
Yes. Please contact us at finpathwellness.com/contact-us and we’ll pair you with a coach.


Do I need to share all my bank information?
No. You are under no obligation to share any of your personal bank or investment account details. However, coaching sessions will be most effective if we have the opportunity to get a clear sense of your financial situation.


How do I get my student loans reduced or forgiven?
You can learn more about student loan forgiveness and repayment plans by clicking on Student Debt Relief in the FinPath Portal. 
What is Savi?
Savi is a financial solution that provides student loan support for all federal borrowers. 


Does Savi help with all student loans?
Savi helps with all federal student loans!


There are lots of student loan websites out there. How legitimate is Savi?
Each financial tool is fully vetted to ensure safety and success for all our clients. 


What does Savi do?
Savi is a tool designed to assist student loan borrowers. It helps you use free federal programs to lower your monthly loan payment. Savi’s algorithm also uses information you provide to maximize your benefits. It streamlines the enrollment process for you. 


How does Savi work?
Savi is one of the easiest tools to use that FinPath offers. For it to work, all you need to do is answer several questions that they ask and the software will generate repayment options for you. It will automatically determine your repayment options, as well as identify if you qualify for any loan forgiveness programs.


Does Savi cost money?
Basic Savi access is included for all FinPath users at no cost. You may choose to purchase an additional level of service directly from Savi.


Do I need to register to access Savi?
All FinPath users have automatic access to Savi. 


How do I contact customer service?
If you need support with your account, you can call a support line at 833-604-1227. The hours of operation are 9:00am-5:00pm EST.


Is Savi just for my student debt or can I use it for the loans I took out for my children?
Savi can be used for any kind of student loan.


What is Salary Finance?
Salary Finance is a financial health tool that offers low-interest loans. All they need is a credit score and history of employment.
What if I want to apply for a payroll-deducted loan?
You can access the loan application by logging into the FinPath portal, click on “Need a Loan?” and enter your employer name. 


Am I eligible to apply?
Yes. You must have: worked for your current employer for at least 12 months, be 18 years+ of age, a valid SSN, a credit score of at least 500, and a bank account to deposit the funds.


What makes Salary Finance better than a Payday loan?
Salary Finance loans typically have a higher acceptance and lower interest than those from traditional lenders. This allows borrowers to take control of debt and improve their credit score. 


What can I use a Salary Finance loan for?
A Salary Finance loan is a personal loan that can be used for personal, family or household purposes. Borrowers typically take out a loan to pay down debt, like credit cards, payday loans, or medical bills. 


Can I add a co-applicant?
Joint applications are currently not allowed. However, Salary Finance loans are available for those who typically don’t qualify with traditional lenders.  


Will it affect my credit score?
Yes. A full credit report is needed to assess the loan application. Salary Finance uses Equifax, including your VantageScore, which is a hard credit inquiry. Most inquiries take less than five points off your score. 


Does Salary Finance report to credit bureaus as my loan is repaid?
Yes, Salary Finance reports repayment history to credit bureaus as you pay your loan. 


How is my interest rate determined?
Your interest rate is based on your credit and employment history. This rate is a fixed interest rate.


How quickly can I get my loan?
It takes two business days or less for your loan to process once your application has been approved.  


What happens if I leave my employer?
If you leave your employer, your loan repayments will be withdrawn automatically and securely from your bank account (this is if you authorize it in the loan application process). Additionally, your interest rate and repayment schedule will not change. If you did not sign up for bank repayments, contact Salary Finance.  


Are my loan repayments going to my employer?
No, repayments go through Salary Finance’s lender, Axos Bank. 


Are there any additional fees?
There are no additional fees. 


I thought loan repayments would be deducted from my paycheck. Why do you require a bank account?
Salary Finance needs bank account information for two reasons: loan funds are deposited in your bank account and they use your bank account as a backup if they cannot withdraw repayments from your paycheck.  


How do I get a copy of my final loan documents?
You get a copy of your final loan documents via email when you finalized your loan. Contact Salary Finance if you need another copy. 


How do I make my loan payments?
Your loan payments are automatically deducted from your salary. If you leave your employer, payments are made via bank account withdrawal or with a paper check. 


I’m looking to make additional payments. Can I do that online?
Additional payments can be made electronically via your bank account or by mailing us a paper check. Please contact Salary Finance if you’d like to arrange additional payments by emailing help@salaryfinance.com.


How do I change my bank account on file with Salary Finance?
Contact Salary Finance with your new bank account information and the most recent statement from that account. You can email them at help@salaryfinance.com


Can I pay my loan off early?
Yes, you can pay off a loan early with no early repayment fees or penalties. Contact Salary Finance at help@salaryfinance.com to begin the process.  


Can I apply for a second loan?
Members are only eligible for one Salary Finance loan at a time. In order to be able to apply for another loan, your existing Salary Finance loan must be paid off first.


What happens if I’m laid off and I can’t make scheduled payments?
If you can’t make scheduled payments due to unemployment, contact Salary Finance as soon as possible. They will send free referrals to local resources and organizations that can help you in times of hardship. 


What is iLOCK360?
iLOCK360 is a subscription designed to help protect, defend, and restore your identity and credit profile. With iLOCK360, you’ll have access to experienced professionals in your corner to help you bring your life back to normal if you fall victim to identity and credit profile theft. iLOCK360 will help monitor online activity, financial affairs, and other sensitive personal identifiable information.
How much does iLOCK360 cost?
FinPath users can get iLOCK360 access at a discount rate. Access your FinPath account and click the identity theft and credit monitoring tile to learn more. 
I need help logging on.
To login, enter the pre-set username and password you used when you registered. This should be the email address for your username and the password is #firstinitialsecondinitialzipcodelastfourssn. 
How can I add a spouse?
You can add a spouse in a few simple steps. First, log in to your account. Second, locate the Share Your iLOCK360 Benefits grey box on the right hand side of the page. There will be a button that says Send Invitation. Once you type in the name and email address of your spouse, click the button to send the invitation.


What if I change employers or retire?
If you leave your employer or retire and would like to keep coverage, call 855-287-8888 and press Option 2. For security reasons, iLOCK360 conducts this process over the phone. 


What happens if I cancel coverage?
Coverage is cancelled through your employer, so you don’t need to take any action. If you still are charged via payroll deduction, contact your benefits office to cancel recurring charges. Your employer will send a file of the cancellation to iLOCK360. If you are charged via credit card, you will need to call iLOCK360’s customer service line at 855-287-8888 and press Option 2. 


What if I receive an alert?
If you received an alert and need assistance, call our customer service team. You can reach us at 855-287-8888 and press Option 1. To discuss alerts, your identity will need to be verified. 
How can I add dependents to my account?
To add child information, log into your iLOCK360 account and head to the Identity Monitoring menu. You will see a Child Monitoring button. Select this button to add in your child’s information. If you do not see this, it likely means your plan does not include child coverage. Call iLOCK360 at 855-287-8888 and press Option 2 if you have questions regarding a family plan. 


How can I change my personal information?
To update your personal information, click My Account at the upper right corner of the website. Then, select the information you would like to update. 


How can I contact a restoration specialist?
Contact the certified restoration specialists at 855-287-8888 for assistance and press Option 1.
When was FinPath founded?
FinPath was founded in 2018.
Where is FinPath located?
FinPath is located online. Visit www.finpathwellness.com to visit today.  


What’s the difference between FinPath versus doing it myself?
The difference is that FinPath does all the hard work for you – all you have to do is participate.


Does my computer support FinPath’s technology?
With your browser of preference, your computer is able to support FinPath since the program is hosted on the internet. All you need is WiFi!


How secure is FinPath?
FinPath is hosted in a fully redundant, secure environment providing end-to-end security features. Third party integrations use an industry standard single sign mechanism. Data is encrypted using a standard AES-256 encryption algorithm.
Will FinPath sell my information?
No. All your information is protected and won’t be sold.


Can my employer see my information?
Your employer will not see your personal information. Any information or conversations shared with FinPath are confidential.