Meet Aaron Hennig

Aaron Hennig, CPFC

Financial Coach

512-600-5206 | Email: ahennig@finpathwellness.com


Aaron Hennig is a Financial Coach for FinPath. For over ten years, and now with FinPath, Aaron provides financial coaching and guidance to clients, as well as providing financial resources. As a Certified Personal Finance Counselor and Coach, Aaron has the experience to help walk you through the multiple aspects of creating a strong financial foundation, along with the habits and knowledge to create a sound financial future.

Areas of Focus

  • Tackling your debt
  • Understanding your credit
  • Creating a budget that sticks
  • Facing your student loans
  • Creating a plan for saving
  • Working toward a debt-free life

How It Works

  1. Schedule a meeting at your convenience
  2. Meet via desktop or mobile device
  3. Speak one-on-one in a confidential session


Meet Aaron Hennig

10 Questions with Aaron

Get to know Aaron a little better by reading the answers to a few questions we asked him:

Do you have a secret to financial success?

The best advice I have based on seeing our clients succeed is to have a plan and stick to it…consistency and discipline over time is the key. 

What's been your favorite part of financial coaching with FinPath?

I honestly enjoy the relationships that we build with our clients and getting the opportunity to become a trusted resource as I get to know them and their families.

What's your mantra when it comes to finances? Is there a quote you live by? Why?

Not necessarily a quote, but I always remind myself that money is a tool, nothing more and nothing less. With any job, the key is having and using the right tools. Managing my money is how I can be sure to have the tools I need to be able to focus on what really is important.

Do you think money can buy happiness? If so, what do you buy?

No, money won’t buy you happiness. However, money managed well can make your life a little easier and less stressful. For me, I love to travel and I love having experiences with people that are close to me. I find a lot of joy in that and it does take my money, so, again, while money won’t buy you happiness, it can be a tool that helps you live a more fulfilling life. 

Are you more of a saver or spender?

I’m balanced in that area for the most part, but because I have busy children that always seem to need something, I’m in a season of life where there seems to be a lot of spending happening! 

If you could replace the image of the presidents on U.S. currency, what image would you pick?

Iconic American landmarks…or my favorite superheroes! 

What adjectives best describe you when it comes to finances?

Studious, deliberate, intentional

Besides financial coaching, what are your other passions?

I have an athletic background and I really try to stay active. I love being outdoors and spending time with my kids while I still can. And maybe a less known thing about me is that I’ve played guitar since I was 11 years old and I still play regularly! 

What store or restaurant do you think you've spent the most money at?

Home Depot! 

What's your go-to impulse purchase?

My kids really like getting breakfast on the weekends so that’s usually a for sure expense in our household. 

Aaron in the Community

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Hello, my name is Aaron Hennig and I’m here to help answer your financial questions. No matter what stage of life you are in, my goal is to help relieve your financial stress so you can spend more time taking care of what’s important to you.

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