Meet Daryl Smith

Daryl Smith, CPFC

Financial Coach

512-600-5294 | Email: drsmith@tcgservices.com


Daryl Smith is a Financial Coach for FinPath. As a Certified Personal Finance Counselor and Coach, Daryl has the experience to help walk you through the multiple aspects of creating a strong financial foundation, along with the habits and knowledge to create a sound financial future.

Areas of Focus

  • Tackling your debt
  • Understanding your credit
  • Creating a budget that sticks
  • Facing your student loans
  • Creating a plan for saving
  • Working toward a debt-free life

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Hello, my name is Daryl Smith and I’m here to help answer your financial questions. No matter what stage of life you are in, my goal is to help relieve your financial stress so you can spend more time taking care of what’s important to you.

Please schedule a Financial Coaching session with me to get started!