Build better financial habits

With FinPath, everyone has access to 1:1 financial coaches and powerful tools to help move from surviving to thriving.

At FinPath, we put you first

Money management doesn’t require a lot of money… it just involves a little extra planning. That’s why we built a program unlike any other. With FinPath, you get access to:

Unlimited 1:1 Coaching

Financial wellness is a journey. Your coach will see you through it.

FinPath Courses

Participate in financial education courses led by our instructors.

Financial Health Tools

Powerful online tools help you budget, reduce debt, & more.

FinPath Perks

Get rewarded for building good financial habits.

Financial Wellness in 2023 Begins Here

For financial shocks and beyond

Did you know 60% of households have experienced a financial shock in the last 12 months? Financial shocks come in different forms. It could be a car accident, a natural disaster, a medical emergency, or even a global pandemic.

When the day comes, our financial coaches will be ready to help.

FinPath coaches focus on these key areas:


Emergency savings


Budgeting and spending


Security and protection


Credit scores


Debt management

Financial Wellness in 2023 Begins Here

Willet decided it was time to take action

Working one-on-one with Coach Janett, Willet found the confidence and support needed to make a change.

See her story →

Financial coaches work around your schedule

It’s 2023. You shouldn’t have to drive far and sit in a waiting room to talk to someone… unless you want to. With FinPath, you have the flexibility to meet with your coach at your convenience, from wherever you are.

FinPath coaches are available via:


1:1 live video chat


In-person appointments






Any way you need

We know how busy you are during regular business hours. Our coaches are available nights and weekends too. Just let us know and we’ll work around your schedule.
Financial Wellness in 2023 Begins Here

Hear what FinPath users are saying:

Elya W.

“The one-on-one consultations helped me break down my spending and see where I could begin saving! I learned about different aspects of credit and retirement that I didn’t know and have been able to help friends and family better understand them.”

Marilyn M.

“I now feel more financially secure. I don’t feel stressed. I feel like I’m on the path to financial independence…I just checked my credit score [and] since I’ve been working with my coach, watching the seminars and using the financial health tools, my credit score went up 56 points.” 

Pamela D.

“Aaron always immediately grasps the direction I am headed…our session are very dynamic and productive.”